Rock Hill, SC Textile Corridor Master Plan

Allison Platt & Associates was part of a team that developed a master plan for redevelopment of an historic textile corridor adjacent to the downtown of Rock Hill, South Carolina. The Rock Hill Printing & Finishing plant operated for more than 50 years printing patterns on cloth and was the largest employer in the city for many years. Since the company closed in 1997 the 1,000,000 sf complex has been empty. The challenge for this project was to reprogram the buildings with new uses that would create a regional draw. The program that emerged from the research conducted by the project managers included entertainment, retail, residential, a hotel and conference facility, a series of “pocket” museums relating the history of the site, and an artisans’ center with workshops/studios and display space. Surrounding the textile buildings are other uses that were programmed as part of the study. These uses include historic mill housing, Winthrop University expansion, medium density housing, and a new library.