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Who We Are

Regeneration by Design (RbD) was founded in April of 2021, but our history extends more than 25 years. Allison Platt & Associates started in 1993 in Baltimore, and the company relocated to North Carolina in 2007. Our specialties have remained constant over the years: downtown master plans, waterfronts, and construction documents for urban spaces and streetscapes. Allison Platt is the Managing Partner of the new company.



Urban Design & Master Planning

Whatever you call them (Master Plans, Strategic Plans, Urban Design Plans), this process and product is an essential step in organizing the community for revitalization. No master plan predicts with 100% accuracy what the results will be, rather it shows a direction, actions, and a strong vision of the future to organize the community for growth. Here are some examples of successful urban design plans and the results they achieved. Click here for a gallery of UD and master planning work.


Enhanced waterfronts are an important driver of revitalization. For those communities beginning the redevelopment process there are often vacant or underutilized waterfront properties that can serve as a springboard for change. Places to walk, places to accommodate visiting boaters, locations to pause and enjoy the views and nearby residential, restaurants and other activities and uses enliven waterfronts and spur growth nearby. Click here for examples past and present.

Streetscapes & Parks

For the past 20 years our firm has specialized in design and construction documents for downtown streetscapes and urban parks and open spaces for small to medium-size cities and towns. Projects include New Bern, Goldsboro, Wilson, Newton, and Washington, NC and Newport News, VA. Explore our current and past projects.


Recent News/Blogs

Goldboro Streetscape Wins NC Main Street Award

Goldboro Streetscape Wins NC Main Street Award

Goldsboro hosted the largest-ever NC Main Street Conference in March of 2016. Over 500 Main Street enthusiasts from around the state and from neighboring states attended. The streetscape project won an award for "Best Outdoor Space Improvement" at the award ceremony....

Gardens vs. Dinosaurs

Gardens vs. Dinosaurs

I became a Landscape Architect because I loved gardening.  When I was living in Ithaca, New York, I owned a house on five acres above Trumansburg on the ridge between Lake Seneca and Lake Cayuga. It is breathtakingly beautiful in this part of upstate New York, with...

Designing for Healthy Urban Trees, Part 1

Designing for Healthy Urban Trees, Part 1

Nearly everyone loves, or at least appreciates, the value of trees in urban settings. They cool the air, filter up to 50% of nearby air pollution, produce oxygen, and provide shade (especially appreciated here in our southern climate). So it is a cruel irony that such...