Hertford, NC Community Plan

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After completing a Conceptual Master Plan for the Northern Riverfront in Hertford, there was interest in exploring the historic neighborhoods nearby and the gateway to the Town from Future I-87.   The plan has been adopted by the Town and Allison Platt assisted the Town in applying for a successful $196,000 USDA grant for more detailed Riverfront Plan and Downtown plan, along with a Community Plan to address housing issues within the historic neighborhoods.  See the Riverfront and Downtown Plan under Waterfronts.

Community volunteers helped to walk the neighborhoods and record the historic quality, building conditions, and site conditions in these neighborhoods.  This rating system allowed us to identify properties in good condition, troubled properties that could be rehabbed, or those in such poor condition to be evaluated for rehab or demolition.

The plan identified possible designs for  replacement of demolished houses with smaller, more efficient homes.   Recommended corridor and gateway improvements will greatly improve the appearance of this area, add a visitor center, and direct visitors to the historic downtown and the riverfront.

RESULTS:  As a result of this plan, the NC Department of Commerce admitted the Town to its new $48 million Rural Transformation Grant Fund in early 2022.  This puts the Town on a fast track for funding of the improvements outlined in the final report.  Grants from other funding agencies including USDA are also under discussion.