Bangor, ME Penobscot Riverfront Development Plan

Allison Platt & Associates was the lead designer on a team headed by Hunter Interests to assist the City of Bangor with the Penobscot Riverfront Development Plan. This site is a former railroad yard just a few miles from the center of the city. The plan includes a mix of uses designed to maximize the economic potential of the 25-acre, city-owned site, while creating park and recreational amenities for all to enjoy. A headquarters hotel and high-tech conference center anchor the site, while a maritime center, fast-ferry terminal, restaurants, and residential developments add to the scope of the project. Reconnecting Bangor to its rich maritime history through this riverfront plan will provide a new dimension for tourism and downtown revitalization. Beginning with client and public input, Hunter Interests tested a range of possible uses and recommended the types and square footage of uses on the site. Allison Platt & Associates then developed a site plan to these specifications

AWARDS: “Plan of the Year”, Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association.