Belfast Centre City Plan

The goal of this study was to develop a detailed planning framework and a vision to guide growth and encourage investment in Belfast City Centre. Belfast City Centre has many significant historic structures, an attractive and compact shopping district, and many riverfront sites which are becoming available for redevelopment as industrial uses move away from the City Centre. The planning framework creates a series of interlocking parks, squares, and pedestrian linkages which enhance the image of the City Centre while bringing people into and through the city more efficiently. The pedestrian framework links the City Centre to the River Lagan, where new parks create a beautiful setting for leisure activities, cultural facilities, and office and residential development. Another important aspect of this study was the need to integrate and balance the needs of public transportation and private vehicles with the needs and comfort of pedestrians in a way that increased transport efficiency while improving overall character and appearance. This was accomplished through the reorganization of bus stops and the creation of pedestrian-friendly transit streets through the heart of the City Centre, and through increased parking and traffic-calming measures on selected streets.