Mebane, NC Vision Plan

Allison Platt and Rivers were chosen to prepare a Vision Plan for downtown Mebane. Mebane is growing rapidly and plans to expand the successful historic downtown, raise the profile of the community, and develop a denser and more walkable downtown area with opportunities for new commercial, mixed-use, and residential uses. Work included a economic and demographic profile, analysis of existing conditions, recommendations for streetscape and public space improvements including cost estimates, delineation of future uses including redevelopment of key sites, pro formas, and implementation strategies and responsibilities. The plan expands the historic downtown core to the east and west with buildings of similar height, use, and materials. Mebane has a very busy rail corridor running through the downtown, so the safest pedestrian crossings were identified for improvements. A largely vacant site to the south of the tracks was recommended for major mixed-use redevelopment. A separated bike route was recommended for the south side of Center Street to connect the downtown to the recently-completed regional park immediately to the west of the study area.