Liverpool, England Strategic Development Initiative

Liverpool City Centre serves a region of more than three million people and possesses a diverse economy, cultural wealth, and centers of religion, medicine, education, tourism, commerce and government. It has some of the finest architecture in Europe, and attracts over 20 million visitors each year to the region’s museums, maritime attractions, and entertainment facilities. Yet, Britons and visitors had a persistently poor image of the city, and do not often include Liverpool in their vacation and business plans. The consultant team developed revitalization strategies for Liverpool City Centre, with special emphasis on strategies for increasing tourism. It became clear that the City Centre environment and circulation system had to be improved before additional attractions would succeed, and that these problems were an important contributor to Liverpool’s negative image. Public projects included improvements to the vehicular circulation system and a coordinated program of renovations to the public transit system and the pedestrian environment. Private investment strategies included hotel, residential, and office development. These improvements helped to create an attractive environment for Liverpool, making it a more desirable place to visit, live and work. Most of these recommendations were implemented.