The Town of Murphy issued an RFP for design services and grant writing for downtown public space improvements in August, 2022.  Murphy, if you are not familiar with the town, is about the farthest west you can travel in North Carolina.  Surrounded by mountains and with a river running alongside the downtown, the community has many natural attractions in addition to a very active and successful group of downtown businesses.

The Town was recently admitted to the Main Street program in North Carolina and they wished to apply for an NC Department of Commerce Downtown Revitalization grant due at the end of October.  Regeneration was fortunate to be selected and we started immediately.  The project chosen was to redesign the four corner open spaces at the “100% corner” in Murphy.  The design concept has been completed and the grant proposal has been submitted. 

RESULTS: In November of 2022 the grant was funded and work will begin on this project in early 2023.